Kefir – A Fermented Milk

Today’s food is not quite Italian but still one of the tastiest alternatives to yogurt that I’ve found. Kefir is a health food that can be used in many Italian (or other) recipes as a replacement for yogurt.

But why use kefir instead of yogurt? As some of you might know, I like to make my own ingredients from scratch whenever I can and that includes using homemade yogurt for my dishes. Therein lies the superiority of kefir over yogurt. It’s much easier to make at home compared to yogurt because kefir is room-temperature fermented! Out with the yogurt maker and other complicated instructions for turning your oven into an incubator. I can just leave my milk and kefir grains overnight on the kitchen top and it will turn into delicious fermented milk the next day.

Learn how to make kefir at home here

Or watch the instructional video below